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Your Companion and Guide
in Navigating End of Life

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Meet Holly Menard

End of Life Doula

My Vision


People and communities worldwide are coming together to talk about death and dying and to plan and prepare for how they wish to experience the completion of their life cycle. End of life is being embraced as a normal part of human life. As a result, people are happier, choosing to live their lives fully, and more likely to have a good death on their own terms.


My Mission

My mission as an End of Life Doula is to educate, raise awareness, empower, and provide emotional support to my clients and their family during any stage of death and dying.  Whenever possible, my commitment is to provide the guidance and support needed for a peaceful death. 

Meet Holly

What is an End of Life Doula?

What is an EOL Doula?

An End of Life Doula, or Death Doula, is a trained non-medical, holistic practitioner who guides individuals and their families through the death and dying process by way of presence, companionship, education, and advocacy. Our purpose is to create a safe, non-judgmental space for you. We support you in becoming your own advocate and empower you to make your wishes and desires known, honored, and respected.

Why EOL Doula

Why Choose an End of Life Doula?

Our present healthcare system does not allow time for doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers to address their patient’s need to be fully listened to and heard. Also, doctors haven’t received specific training in order to have difficult conversations when their patient’s condition is terminal, and there is no further treatment to cure or improve quality of life. They aren’t prepared to sit with compassion and together, perhaps with a primary caregiver, to discuss what comes next. Doulas have time and are non-medical yet professionally trained to listen deeply and be a steady, safe space, to fill in the gaps and at times serve as a project manager.  Doulas are a complement to hospice care. In fact, many doulas are also either nurses, hospice care workers, or volunteers.

How I Help
How I Help

I offer you the compassionate, personal care you deserve during end of life. My purpose is to be present, to create a safe and calm space for you and your family. I offer the added care to make the last days and hours comfortable, peaceful, and meaningful.

Heart & Hands

I offer time, personal attention, and listen deeply with compassion and without judgment for what matters most to you.  When possible, I will visit you in your home, hospital or facility.

Emotional & Spiritual Support
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I offer you a safe space, listen deeply, and ask questions. Wherever you are in your experience, I will meet you without judgment or expectation. I offer comfort measures such as breath-work, meditation, or a quiet presence.

Heart & Hands

I will support you in becoming your own advocate so you can prepare the way - your way - through informed consent regarding further medical care.

Leaving a Legacy
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How do you want to be remembered? There are legacy projects to capture and memorialize your life story. Together we will review all possibilities. You decide according to what speaks to you. We can work on it together, or I'll provide guidance.

Heart & Hands

I will assist you and your family with the multitude of tasks associated with end of life. There are forms such as Advanced Directives that will help you control your end of life medical care, honoring your wishes and values when you are no longer able to speak for yourself.

Holding a Sacred Space
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There are times when words and doing-ness are not needed.  Silence may be what is called for, and that can seem uncomfortable. I provide a safe, steady presence for you to experience whatever rises up.

"You matter because you are, and you matter to the end of your life."

~ Dame Cecile Saunders

Founder  of St. Christopher's Hospice, London UK

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Holly is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. She helped my mother and I tremendously during my mother's time of transition. She seemed to know exactly what to say to help us find comfort and peace in what was a very difficult and uncertain time. She was available to talk whenever I called on her, even offering to speak with me late at night sometimes. She provided the deep type of soul care that my mom and I both needed. I am forever grateful for her presence during the months and weeks leading to my mom's passing

— Fiona K.

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