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Comfort Measures

Holistic Support

  • 1 hour
  • Call for pricing
  • Chapel Hill

Service Description

I will be your safe, steady, companion and guide. I offer comfort measures such as: ..:: Breath-work - consciously focusing on the in- and out-breath ..:: Meditation - silent or guided ..:: Massage ..:: Reiki ..:: Essential Oils - specifically chosen for you to create peacefulness and calm ..:: Music - soft, soothing, or your selection ..:: Quiet Presence ..:: Sit Vigil - when requested, I will sit and hold sacred space during the active phase of the dying process. When possible, I will have someone as a back-up. * I offer, as an add-on, a safe, gentle, effective massage, (Oncology Massage). Either full body, or hands, feet, neck, and shoulders. I avoid any areas where massage is contraindicated. When indicated, I will contact your physician to obtain authorization for massage. Sessions may be shortened or possibly cancelled according to level of fatigue, pain, or fever. For a time, you will have the opportunity to forget and experience a level of relaxation that is intended to alleviate pain and suffering, which allows you to rest your body, mind and emotions, and perhaps sleep. Massage creates a sense or feeling of physical or spiritual connection and a sense of belonging, "I'm alive, I feel." Massage can be offered anytime and particularly during stressful times. *Reiki is a form of energy work, distinct from massage. Hands may be on or off the body. My hands serve as a channel or conduit for energy, known as Universal Life Force, to flow throughout the body, open up blocked energy pathways. A Reiki session begins with holding the head and moves down to the feet. Clients often report experiencing a letting go, a release of tension, and a sense of peace. Pain relief, a sense of connectedness, and calm often result.

Contact Details

  • Chapel Hill, NC 27514, USA


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