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Our Services

Let's Talk

Complementary Compassionate Conversation

Let's talk either via Zoom or Phone. I will share more about myself,  my services, and answer questions.  Most importantly, we will discuss your situation and how I might be of assistance.

Spiritual Support

Holding Sacred Space

End of life is a mystery. None of us have been there. I will listen deeply, without judgment, with unconditional positive regard so that your voice is heard and understood. I will be a safe, steady, yet quiet presence. I will sit with you in the silence. When hospice care isn’t present, I will be, and when indicated, I will make referrals.  

Personalized Services

Customizing services for your needs

Schedule time for additional services we have discussed such as for Respite or Advocacy or Project Management.

Custom Packages

Customizing services for your needs

Everyone is unique. Everyone receives dedicated focussed attention, (presence), compassion, and support in accessing inner strength and resilience.  I offer custom packages to provide what you need when you need it. Services may include a mix of Advocacy, Legacy work assistance, project management,  organizing End-of-life paperwork,  Spiritual Support, and Comfort measures provided over time.  We can customize your package specifically to include any or all of the following:

Respite Care:  offers primary caregiver and family time to eat, sleep, run errands

End-of-Life Paperwork
Advanced Directives
Living Will
DNR and MOST form
Gathering important documents
Suggest referral to Estate Attorney when indicated

Decision making:  based on needs, wants, and desires
Conversations with family members
Suggest referrals to therapists, when indicated and Hospice isn't involved

Legacy Projects

  • Sorting possessions:  gifting, donating, giving away party

  • Memorializing:  How do you wish to be remembered?

  • Life interviews

  • Photo Books

  • Letter Writing

  • Create a playlist

  • Eulogy or Obituary writing

  • Generating other creative ideas

  • Planning and Preparing

  • Funeral or Celebration of Life Services

  • Burial Choices

  • Traditional - cremation or alternatives such as green burial

  • Holistic Comfort  Measures

  • Meditation

  • Hand and foot massage

  • Reiki and other forms of energy work

  • Creating Rituals

  • Dying Time

  • Sitting at Bedside

  • Candles

  • Reading

  • Music

  • Rituals

  • Bereavement Visit

  • Visit family members after funeral to offer grief support

  • Suggest grief resources when indicated

Leaving a Legacy

Self Expression

How do you want to be remembered?  What legacy do you want to wish to leave?  I will assist you in choosing a legacy project and seeing it through to completion.  Together we will review possibilities such as a life review, dignity interview, writing letters, perhaps a memoir, creating a scrapbook, photo books, or a music playlist.  You may wish to write your eulogy and or obituary.  You may already have your own ideas.

Legacy services begin with a 3-hour package for $150 with the first hour booked online. The next 2 appointments will be scheduled directly with me when needed. If more than 3 hours are needed, we will create a program to meet your needs.


Helping You Voice Your Wishes

As a non-medical companion and guide, I am here to help you prepare the way, in your own way. There are many questions and unknowns throughout the end-of-life journey. I am here to support you by answering your questions, giving you permission to face the fears, and the uncertainties, and finding your inner strength. When indicated, I will facilitate meetings with family and friends as you work through issues and move forward together.  I won’t pretend to have all the answers. I will provide the needed resources and ask the experts.

I will work with you to create your plan and, together, whenever possible, as you make your wishes known, ensure they are heard and understood, and valued by your care team, your family, and the community.

Comfort Measures

Holistic Support

I will be your safe, steady, companion and guide. I offer comfort measures such as:

  • Breath-work - consciously focusing on the in- and out-breath

  • Meditation - silent or guided

  • Massage

  • Reiki

  • Essential Oils - specifically chosen for you to create peacefulness and calm

  • Music - soft, soothing, or your selection

  • Quiet Presence

  • Sit Vigil - when requested, I will sit and hold sacred space during the active phase of the dying process. When possible,  I will have someone as a backup.

*I offer, as an add-on, a safe, gentle, effective massage - either full body, or hands, feet, neck, and shoulders. I avoid any areas where massage is contraindicated. When indicated, I will contact your physician to obtain authorization for massage. Sessions may be shortened or possibly canceled according to the level of fatigue, pain, or fever. For a time, you will have the opportunity to forget and experience a level of relaxation that is intended to alleviate pain and suffering, which allows you to rest your body, mind, and emotions, and perhaps sleep. Massage creates a sense or feeling of physical or spiritual connection and a sense of belonging, "I'm alive, I feel." Massage can be offered anytime, particularly during stressful times. 

*Reiki is a form of energy work, distinct from massage. Hands may be on or off the body. My hands serve as a channel or conduit for energy, known as Universal Life Force, to flow throughout the body, and open up blocked energy pathways. A Reiki session begins with holding the head and moving down to the feet. Clients often report experiencing a letting go, a release of tension, and a sense of peace. Pain relief, a sense of connectedness, and calm often result.

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